Master Danny has been involved in Muay Thai for over 40 years, having fought in over 350 matches. As a young fighter, he travelled to Japan, where he lived for 5 years, learning Jiu-Jitsu & perfecting his martial arts techniques. Master Danny has also lived & taught in Germany, the Philippines, & Hawaii. Now in his 60s (and still spry enough to take you down), he brings to the table more experience & effective teaching technique than any other Muay Thai instructor in the D.C. area. Master Danny is a living legend!



Although Kru Seum wears his Tiger Yant on his back, he provides strength, power and fearlessness to his students at STB Training Center! He was born in Pakse, Laos in 1969 and moved to Thailand’s Ubon province (known as “Kham Noi”). Kru Seum started training Muay Thai at 11 years old at different Thai training camps and was referred to as “dĕk chāy thxng”,  or “the Golden Boy” during his fighting career with a record of 102+ fights, 16 losses and 10 KOs. He was ranked #5 contender in Northeast Thailand! After years of teaching and coaching fighters within northern Virginia, Kru Seum has participated in building STB Training Center and has played a huge roll in the success of building fighters!



Emilio started practicing Muay Thai at Warrior Gym under Master Danny and Kru Seum. During his training, Emilio made a decision to create a fight team and teamed up with Kru Seum to create a group of able bodied fighters. With his thunderous kicks and seasoned boxing skills Emilio has also fought within the team and always assist fighters in training. Not only can Emilio assist you with training he can also assist you with body contouring!

Melanie "Mel" Odria


Melanie Odria "Phetnira" has been a force to  reckon with in our fight team as a Class A Thai Fighter. With over 14 fights she has been put through every test to fighting opponents twice her size and opponents with much more experience. She has been trained under the watchful eye of Master Seum for over 5 years, whom has given her the fight name "Phetnira" which means unbreakable diamond. She is a recognizable fighter in the east cost due to her technique, heart, and personality. Watching Melanie fight will keep you on your toe. She is one of the first female fighters to fight out of STB and was first to fight full rules Muay Thai in the tri-state. Melanie is known as a little energizer bunny, that just keeps GOING and GOING. Melanie Odria teaches the Fight Club Fit program at STB which incorporates lots of different exercises that will have your lungs and muscles thanking you later.

Kamil Ahmed


Kamil Ahmed has experience teaching age groups ranging from 3 years old to retirees for 9+ years. As a teacher and role model for younger students, Kamil believes that his mission is clear. To help shape our society for the better we must, as teachers of any subject, help shape our children to become credible leaders, and believers in a way of thinking and acting that promotes the general well-being of others, and not just ourselves.Kamil had a love for Martial Arts since he was Five years old after watching his first Bruce Lee movie. Once he turned 10, his parents enrolled him in a Taekwondo academy where he would spend hours training every day after school training for competitions and to earn his Black Belt. Kamil currently holds a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and Two 1st Place Medals in his weight category at the 2011/2012 National Tournaments. Currently training in Muay Thai, under Master Danny, Kamil is now competing as part of the STB fight team to further his knowledge in Martial Arts.

 Cesar Cabrera


Instructor Cesar Cabrera, a 1st Degree Renzo Gracie Black Belt, has a high-level technical approach that mixes the best of traditional Jiu-Jitsu with the latest innovations in the art.​With over 30 years of martial arts experience, learning from the likes of Master Renzo Gracie, Rolles Gracie,John Danaher straight from the legendary Blue Basement , Cesar brings a breadth of experience to engage and share with students from all around.

 Jarrod Trampus Smerk