Master Danny has been involved in Muay Thai for over 40 years, having fought in over 350 matches. As a young fighter, he travelled to Japan, where he lived for 5 years, learning Jiu-Jitsu & perfecting his martial arts techniques. Master Danny has also lived & taught in Germany, the Philippines, & Hawaii. Now in his 60s (and still spry enough to take you down), he brings to the table more experience & effective teaching technique than any other Muay Thai instructor in the D.C. area. Master Danny is a living legend!



I often ask myself how I got into Muay (mean fighting) sport. The sport seems such big part of my life. When I meet other coaches and fighters I find their stories fascinating. What draws people to this type of training, what makes them want to excel in a sport that is so highly competitive, so mentally and physically demanding and pays nothing in the beginning and has no promise of a financially stable future is always very personal and tells me so much about who they are, where they came from and who they want to be. Under Master Dan, I started teaching students come from different walk of life.



Emilio started practicing Muay Thai at Warrior Gym under Master Danny and Kru Seum. During his training, Emilio made a decision to create a fight team and teamed up with Kru Seum to create a group of able bodied fighters. With his thunderous kicks and seasoned boxing skills Emilio has also fought within the team and always assist fighters in training. Not only can Emilio assist you with training he can also assist you with body contouring!




Coach Ibrahim is focused on teaching others the art he loves as he continues to grow within it himself. He helped develop our youth program and serves as both assistant and lead instructor. You will not find another coach who is more driven. He always maintains a positive energy and motivates others to push past their limits. Coach Ibrahim will help you reach your fitness goals. He specializes in weight loss, strength and conditioning, training and sparring. He is our assistant coach for Muay Thai Fundamentals. Sign up for his class – you won’t regret it!



Brian Hannon has been training Muay Thai for over 10 years and has had the privilege of training alongside world-class instructors and professional fighters all over the world. Brian currently teaches the Muay Thai fundamentals course and the Fitness Kickboxing classes. Outside of the gym, Brian teaches Advanced Placement Literature and English 11 at Hayfield Secondary School and has been recognized as Hayfield’s Teacher of the Year, Fairfax County Region 3 Teacher of the Year, and a finalist for the Fairfax County Public Schools Teacher of the Year