Known as the “art of eight limbs” is a combat sport from Thailand. Muay Thai varies with techniques using strikes, elbows, firsts, knees, and kicks. Muay Thai is the national sport in Thailand. It became an integral part of Thailand’s festivals, events, and temples in the 16th century and still continues to this day. At STB Training Center, we offer traditional and authentic Muay Thai fighting techniques. Our Muay Thai classes have a friendly and motivating atmosphere to help you develop both physically and mentally. With Kru Seum as your instructor, you will be using your eight limbs in no time! You will be learning different counter attacks, defensive techniques, combinations, the traditional “Wai Kru” and much more. Our program will also get you into shape in no time because of the amount of cardio you will be incorporating without even noticing. So don’t deny your eight limbs attention and come and join us. Safety is our top priority and proper control is emphasized during training.!

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is very important and it goes hand in hand with any type of martial art. At STB you will get top notch conditioning training with our top notch trainers. In this class you will be incorporating lots of different cardio exercises that will have your muscles and lungs thanking you later. This class has a lot of calisthenics exercises to make sure you are meeting your body’s capability to export strength, power, and speed and improve your athletic performance. Lots of jumping, throwing, and high power exercises are incorporated I this class. Weather you would like to get fit, lean, or train for a fight you can get your body prepared with whatever goal you have in mind with our Strength and conditioning class. 

Kids Muay Thai / Kickboxing 

ISTB Training Center would like to welcome all kids from ages 6-12 in our Muay Thai/ Kickboxing program. Students will learn how to focus and follow directions while being challenged in our amazing classes. Our instructors will help them develop their discipline, coordination, and strength in mind and body. In these programs we have fun physically and mentally while still giving them a challenging lesson. As we look for all our students to develop fundamental and technical techniques, we also test our students to improve and challenge what they have learned in class and give them life lessons for the outside world. Our "Masters Motto" is what we want all of our students to live by. Every child will memorize the motto and take it with them where ever they may go in life. The masters motto is "Honesty in heart, Knowledge in mind, and Strength in Body".


STB Training Center fight team has been a force to reckon with when it comes to competitiveness. The team has made several appearances on many local and national shows. Our fight team travels both east and west coast to compete against top teams around the nation. Some shows that are recognizable are AMTL, Warriors Cup, Take-On productions, as well as TCB and much more. We provide top quality training for our fighters and make sure they are fight ready and take challenges to the next level. Weather if it's you would like to fight amateur or pro STB has you covered.